Distributed Space-Time 4CPFSK Trellis Codes for Amplify & Forward Relaying

  title={Distributed Space-Time 4CPFSK Trellis Codes for Amplify & Forward Relaying},
  author={Ali Serdar Demiroglu and Ibrahim Altunbas and Mehmet Ertugrul Çelebi},
  journal={2010 Third International Conference on Communication Theory, Reliability, and Quality of Service},
Continuous phase frequency shift keying is a power/bandwidth efficient modulation technique, hence, attractive for use in relay/cooperative systems employing inexpensive nonlinear power amplifiers. We investigate optimum distributed space-time 4-ary continuous phase frequency shift keying trellis codes for amplify & forward relaying method and propose novel codes for relay transmission systems. The error performances of the classical and novel codes are investigated for one and two-relay… CONTINUE READING