Distributed Human Computation Framework for Linked Data Co-reference Resolution

  title={Distributed Human Computation Framework for Linked Data Co-reference Resolution},
  author={Yang Yang and Priyanka Singh and Jiadi Yao and Ching-man Au Yeung and Amir Zareian and Xiaowei Wang and Zhonglun Cai and Manuel Salvadores and Nicholas Gibbins and Wendy Hall and Nigel Shadbolt},
Distributed Human Computation (DHC) is used to solve computational problems by incorporating the collaborative effort of a large number of humans. It is also a solution to AI-complete problems such as natural language processing. The Semantic Web with its root in AI has many research problems that are considered as AI-complete. E.g. co-reference resolution, which involves determining whether different URIs refer to the same entity, is a significant hurdle to overcome in the realisation of large… CONTINUE READING
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