Distributed Energy Self-Adaptation in ad hoc Networks


Nowadays energy management is a key feature in many different fields, specially in mobile ad hoc networks where devices heavily rely on the battery life, thus, the network survival is absolutely related to the energy consumption of nodes. In this work, we present a broadcasting algorithm AEDB that not only tries to reduce the network but also the device resources. AEDB is an extension of EDB which is a distance based and also energy aware broadcasting algorithm. The new proposed scheme, AEDB, regulates the transmission power of the device in order to decrease the energy consumption with no detriment of the performance of the algorithm. This is done by managing the transmission power of the device in terms of the number of one hop neighbors for disseminating a message. Results show that by adaptively managing the transmission power, the energy the device uses is highly reduced obtaining at the same time, good performance in terms of both the coverage achieved and the broadcast time.

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