Distributed Dynamic Capacity Contracting: A Congestion Pricing Framework for Diff-Serv


yuksem@cs.rpi.edu, shivkuma@ecse.rpi.edu Abstract— Several congestion pricing proposals have been made in the last decade. Usually, however, those proposals studied optimal strategies and did not focus on implementation issues. Our main contribution in this paper is to address implementation issues for congestion-sensitive pricing over a single domain of the differentiated-services (diff-serv) architecture of the Internet. We propose a new congestion-sensitive pricing framework Distributed Dynamic Capacity Contracting (Distributed-DCC), which is able to provide a range of fairness (e.g. max-min, proportional) in rate allocation by using pricing as a tool. Within the Distributed-DCC framework, we develop an Edge-to-Edge Pricing Scheme (EEP) and present simulation experiments of it. Keywords— Network Pricing, Congestion Pricing, Quality-of-Service, Fairness, Differentiated-Services

DOI: 10.1007/3-540-45812-3_16

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