Distributed ( ∆ + 1 )-Coloring in Linear ( in ∆ ) Time

  title={Distributed ( ∆ + 1 )-Coloring in Linear ( in ∆ ) Time},
  author={Leonid Barenboim},
The distributed (∆ + 1)-coloring problem is one of most fundamental and well-studied problems in Distributed Algorithms. Starting with the work of Cole and Vishkin in 86, there was a long line of gradually improving algorithms published. The current state-of-the-art running time is O(∆ log ∆+log∗ n), due to Kuhn and Wattenhofer, PODC’06. Linial (FOCS’87) has proved a lower bound of 1 2 log∗ n for the problem, and Szegedy and Vishwanathan (STOC’93) provided a heuristic argument that shows that… CONTINUE READING
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