Distortion and segregation in a dislocation core region at atomic resolution.

  title={Distortion and segregation in a dislocation core region at atomic resolution.},
  author={Xiaolei Xu and Scott P. Beckman and Petra Specht and Eicke R. Weber and Daryl C. Chrzan and Rolf Erni and Ilke Arslan and Nigel D. Browning and Andrew L Bleloch and C Kisielowski},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={95 14},
The structure of an isolated, Ga terminated, 30 degree partial dislocation in GaAs:Be is determined by high resolution transmission electron microscopes and focal series reconstruction. The positions of atomic columns in the core region are measured to an accuracy of better than 10 pm. A quantitative comparison of the structure predicted by an ab initio electronic structure total energy calculation to the experiment indicates that theory and experiment agree to within 20 pm. Further analysis… CONTINUE READING

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