Distinguishing the experiences of envy and jealousy.

  title={Distinguishing the experiences of envy and jealousy.},
  author={W. Gerrod Parrott and R. H. Smith},
  journal={Journal of personality and social psychology},
  volume={64 6},
This article describes the nature and significance of the distinction between the emotions of envy and jealousy and reports 2 experiments that empirically investigated it. In Experiment 1, Ss recalled a personal experience of either envy or jealousy. In Experiment 2, Ss read 1 of a set of stories in which circumstances producing envy and jealousy were manipulated independently in a factorial design. Both experiments introduced new methodologies to enhance their sensitivity, and both revealed… 

Appraisal patterns of envy and related emotions

Benign envy was experienced more when a situation was not undeserved, and the most when the situation was appraised as both deserved and controllable, and how the types of envy differ from the related emotions admiration and resentment is clarified.

Differentiating Anger and Resentment: Implications for Forgiveness and Psychological Distress

In recent years, forgiveness interventions have been widely and effectively used to help people exposed to a diverse array of unpleasant, traumatic experiences. Theoretical underpinnings of these

The envious mind

This work provides an analysis of the basic cognitive components of envy. In particular, the roles played by the envious party's social comparison with, and ill will against, the better off are

Envy and jealousy as discrete emotions: A taxometric analysis

Envy and jealousy may differ in kind or only by degree. In a study of emotion episodes recalled by 291 subjects, two forms of taxometric analysis were used to test between categorical and dimensional

Comparison of Associative Meaning of the Concepts of Anger, Envy, Fear, Romantic Jealousy, and Sadness Between English and Korean

With emotion terms as a between-participants variable, 304 American and Korean undergraduates free associated in writing for 1 minute to either anger, envy, fear, jealousy, or sadness. In favor of

Envy and Social Comparison

Upward social comparison can give rise to the emotion of envy: the pain caused by the good fortune of others. This chapter explains what envy is and what the possible function of envy is to an

The cultural factor in lay perception of jealousy as a motive for wife battery

Cultural psychology is concerned with the comparative study of the way culture and psyche shape each other: This process is particularly well illustrated in the social construction of some feelings.

I fear your envy, I rejoice in your coveting: on the ambivalent experience of being envied by others.

Being envied had more positive and more negative psychological and relational consequences among those participants who was achievement oriented (European Americans) than among participants who were oriented to cooperation and interpersonal harmony (Spanish).

Envy: The Motivations and Impact of Envy

Background: Evidence suggests that envy may be linked to negative mental health outcomes such as poor self esteem and depression, yet few studies have attempted to evaluate its cognitive, behavioural



Envy and Jealousy

The results demonstrated that although the words envy and jealousy have overlapping meanings, the source of this overlap is the broad meaning of the word jealousy.

The psychology of jealousy and envy

I. Jealous and Envious Thoughts and Feelings 1. The Emotional Experiences of Envy and Jealousy, Parrott 2. The Organization of Jealousy Knowledge: Romantic Jealousy as a Blended Emotion, Sharpsteen

Effects of Jealousy Threats on Relationship Perceptions and Emotions

The experimental induction of jealousy threat in a specific situation, using an imagery task, affected subjects' perceptions of themselves and of their romantic relationships, and influenced their

The Anatomy of Envy: A Study in Symbolic Behavior [and Comments and Reply]

Envy is a pan-human phenomenon, universally feared, at least subconsciously, as a particularly dangerous emotion, since it implies hostility and aggression capable of destroying individuals and even

Coping with envy and jealousy.

Ninety-five undergraduates completed a questionnaire that assessed emotional reactions to jealousy-provoking situations in various relevant life domains. The amount of jealousy the subjects

Subjective Injustice and Inferiority as Predictors of Hostile and Depressive Feelings in Envy

Two hypotheses concerning the hostile and depressive components of envy were tested: that hostile feelings are associated with a subjective belief that the envy-producing difference is unfair and

Some correlates of romantic jealousy1

A definition of romantic jealousy as a complex of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors resulting from threats to one's self-esteem and/or relationship is developed. A variety of potential correlates of

Jealousy: Compound emotion or label for a particular situation?

Individuals generally experience several emotions when confronted with an unfaithful mate. Such observations have led some scholars to propose that jealousy is a compound emotion. The purpose of this

A model of romantic jealousy

A definition of romantic jealousy is offered and imbedded within a general coping framework. Published and unpublished research is reviewed and then ordered within this framework. It is suggested