Distinguishing 3D-Topological Configurations of Two Tori

  title={Distinguishing 3D-Topological Configurations of Two Tori},
  author={Adrian Ion and Thomas Illetschko and Yll Haxhimusa and Walter G. Kropatsch},
  journal={2006 Eighth International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing},
Most of the existing work regarding topology preserving hierarchies is mainly preoccupied with 2D domains. But recently attention has turned to 3D, and more generally, nD representations. Even more than in 2D, the necessity for reducing these representations exists and motivates the research in hierarchical structures i.e. pyramids. Using representations that support any dimension, like e.g. the combinatorial map, n dimensional irregular pyramids can be built, thus obtaining reduced… CONTINUE READING

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