Distinguishable sensations of breathlessness induced in normal volunteers.

  title={Distinguishable sensations of breathlessness induced in normal volunteers.},
  author={P. M. Simon and Richard M Schwartzstein and J. Woodrow Weiss and K C Lahive and V Fencl and Martha Teghtsoonian and Steven E. Weinberger},
  journal={The American review of respiratory disease},
  volume={140 4},
Various theories about the genesis of dyspnea have often assumed that the sensation is similar from patient to patient and is generated by a single underlying mechanism. To investigate whether breathlessness induced in normal volunteers by different stimuli represents one or more than one sensation, we studied 30 subjects in whom breathlessness was induced by each of 8 different stimuli: breath-holding, CO2 inhalation, inhalation of CO2, with ventilation voluntarily targeted below the level… CONTINUE READING

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