Distinct surface and bulk charge density waves in ultrathin 1T−TaS2

  title={Distinct surface and bulk charge density waves in ultrathin 1T−TaS2},
  author={Rentian He and Jun-ichi Okamoto and Zhipeng Ye and Gaihua Ye and Heidi Anderson and Xia Dai and Xianxin Wu and Jiangping Hu and Yu Liu and Wen-jian Lu and Yuping Sun and Abhay N Pasupathy and Adam W Tsen},
  • Rentian He, Jun-ichi Okamoto, +10 authors Adam W Tsen
  • Published 2016
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • We employ low-frequency Raman spectroscopy to study the nearly commensurate (NC) to commensurate (C) charge density wave (CDW) transition in 1T-TaS2 ultrathin flakes protected from oxidation. We identify new modes that originate from C phase CDW phonons on the surface layers. By monitoring an individual mode with temperature, we find that surfaces undergo a separate, low-hysteresis NC-C phase transition that is decoupled from the transition in the bulk layers. This indicates the activation of a… CONTINUE READING

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