Distinct stem cells contribute to mammary gland development and maintenance

  title={Distinct stem cells contribute to mammary gland development and maintenance},
  author={Alexandra Van Keymeulen and Ana Sofia Rocha and Marielle Ousset and Benjamin S. Beck and Ga{\"e}lle Bouvencourt and Jason Rock and Neha Sharma and Sophie Dekoninck and C{\'e}dric Blanpain},
The mammary epithelium is composed of several cell lineages including luminal, alveolar and myoepithelial cells. Transplantation studies have suggested that the mammary epithelium is maintained by the presence of multipotent mammary stem cells. To define the cellular hierarchy of the mammary gland during physiological conditions, we performed genetic lineage-tracing experiments and clonal analysis of the mouse mammary gland during development, adulthood and pregnancy. We found that in postnatal… CONTINUE READING
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