Distinct germ line polymorphisms underlie glioma morphologic heterogeneity.

  title={Distinct germ line polymorphisms underlie glioma morphologic heterogeneity.},
  author={R. Brian Jenkins and Margaret R. Wrensch and Derek R Johnson and Brooke L. Fridley and P. Anthony Decker and Yuanyuan Xiao and Thomas M. Kollmeyer and Amanda Lynn Rynearson and Stephanie R. Fink and Terri S Rice and Lucie S. McCoy and Chandralekha Halder and Matthew L. Kosel and Caterina Giannini and Tarik Tihan and Brian P O'neill and Daniel H. Lachance and Ping Yang and Joseph Wiemels and John K. Wiencke},
  journal={Cancer genetics},
  volume={204 1},
Two recent genome-wide association studies reported that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in (or near) TERT (5p15), CCDC26 (8q24), CDKN2A/B (9p21), PHLDB1 (11q23), and RTEL1 (20q13) are associated with infiltrating glioma. From these reports, it was not clear whether the single nucleotide polymorphism associations predispose to glioma in general or whether they are specific to certain glioma grades or morphologic subtypes. To identify hypothesized associations between susceptibility loci… CONTINUE READING
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