Distinct Roles of Jasmonates and Aldehydes in Plant-Defense Responses

  title={Distinct Roles of Jasmonates and Aldehydes in Plant-Defense Responses},
  author={E. Wassim Chehab and Roy Kaspi and Tatyana Savchenko and Heather Rowe and Florence Negre-Zakharov and Daniel J. Kliebenstein and Katayoon Dehesh},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={131 - 143}
BACKGROUND Many inducible plant-defense responses are activated by jasmonates (JAs), C(6)-aldehydes, and their corresponding derivatives, produced by the two main competing branches of the oxylipin pathway, the allene oxide synthase (AOS) and hydroperoxide lyase (HPL) branches, respectively. In addition to competition for substrates, these branch-pathway-derived metabolites have substantial overlap in regulation of gene expression. Past experiments to define the role of C(6)-aldehydes in plant… CONTINUE READING