Distilling Lasagna from Spaghetti Processes


If the operational process is flexible, control flow discovery methods in process mining tend to produce Spaghetti (unstructured) models. Spaghetti models generally consist of large number of activities and paths. These models are unstructured, incomprehensible, difficult to analyse, impossible to use during operational support and enhancement. Due The structural complexity of Spaghetti processes majority of techniques in process mining can not be applied on them. There is a at most necessity to design and develop methods for simplifying the structure of Spaghetti process to make them easily understandable and reusable. The methods proposed in this paper concentrates on offering the tools and techniques for analysing the Spaghetti process. The problems addressed in this paper are 1) converting the unstructured Spaghetti to structured and simplified Lasagna process, 2) identifying the list of possible, significant, and impossible paths of execution in Lasagna process. The proposed technique is verified and validated on real-life road traffic fine management event-log taken from standard repository.

DOI: 10.1145/3059336.3059362

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