Distensibility of small arteries of the dog lung.

  title={Distensibility of small arteries of the dog lung.},
  author={Amir Al-Tinawi and Jane Madden and Christopher A. Dawson and John H. Linehan and David R. Harder and David A. Rickaby},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={71 5},
To obtain in situ measurements of the distensibility of small (100- to 1,000-microns-diam) pulmonary arterial vessels of the dog lung, X-ray angiograms were obtained from isolated lung lobes with the vascular pressure adjusted to various levels. The in situ diameter-pressure relationships were compared with the diameter-pressure relationships for small arteries that were dissected free from the lungs and cannulated with small glass pipettes for the measurement of diameter and transmural… CONTINUE READING

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