Distances to nearby galaxies in Sculptor

  title={Distances to nearby galaxies in Sculptor},
  author={Igor D. Karachentsev and Eva K. Grebel and Margarita E. Sharina and Andrew E. Dolphin and Douglas Geisler and Puragra Guhathakurta and Paul William Hodge and Valentina E. Karachentseva and Ata Sarajedini and Patrick Seitzer},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
We present an analysis of Hubble Space Telescope/WFPC2 images of nine nearby galaxies in Sculptor. We derive their distances from the luminosity of the tip of the red giant branch stars with a typical accuracy of ∼12%. Their distances are 4.21 Mpc (Sc 22), 4.92 Mpc (DDO 226), 3.94 Mpc (NGC 253), 3.40 Mpc (KDG 2), 3.34 Mpc (DDO 6), 3.42 Mpc (ESO 540-030), 4.43 Mpc (ESO 245-05), 4.27 Mpc (UGCA 442), and 3.91 Mpc (NGC 7793). The galaxies are concentrated in several spatially separated loose groups… 

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