Distance network learning with real network devices


Network education given in the universities and in the other education areas constitutes the backbone of computer science. This education is provided not only in theoretical form but also in the practical way. Since it is hard to settle some information of computer networks in learners' mind practices are the necessary activities of learning process. As the visuality increases, learners start learning easier. So, network education is given in the applied form with real devices such as switches, routers, servers, etc. Although it is necessary to perform this education in this way, it may not always be possible with some reasons like high cost and installation hardness. The reason of planning to do this project comes exactly from this point. We are supposed to get over the difficulties of a qualified network education with some techniques used for distance learning and the remote communication with the network devices. To realize the project we will use the network labs of computer engineering department of D&#x00FC;zce University. With only this lab we will reach many learners and this will be profitable for both the client and the manufacturer. The system will include authorization, network knowledge assessment test, application, and logging out operations. After opening the system some questions are directed to the users optionally and according to the result of the assessment related part of the lesson is given. In this point, users first interact with the authorization server and then they are directed to the application server. Next, they will be using the network devices out of classroom wherever they want.<sup>1</sup>

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