Distal regulatory regions of the rat MRF4 gene.

  title={Distal regulatory regions of the rat MRF4 gene.},
  author={Catherina T. M. Kerkvliet and Timothy J. Hinterberger},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={237 1},
MRF4 is a muscle-specific transcription factor that is expressed both in embryonic somites and later in fetal and adult muscle fibers. Cis-regulatory elements of the MRF4 gene responsible for its complex expression pattern have not yet been identified, although previous studies of the rat MRF4 gene have demonstrated the presence of enhancer activity located several kilobases 5' to the transcription start site. Using cell transfection assays in vitro, we have now localized one of the regulatory… CONTINUE READING

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