Distal-less induces elemental color patterns in Junonia butterfly wings

  title={Distal-less induces elemental color patterns in Junonia butterfly wings},
  author={Bidur Dhungel and Yoshikazu Ohno and Rie Matayoshi and Mayo Iwasaki and Wataru Taira and Kiran Adhikari and Raj Kumar Gurung and Joji M. Otaki},
  journal={Zoological Letters},
The border ocellus, or eyespot, is a conspicuous color pattern element in butterfly wings. For two decades, it has been hypothesized that transcription factors such as Distal-less (Dll) are responsible for eyespot pattern development in butterfly wings, based on their expression in the prospective eyespots. In particular, it has been suggested that Dll is a… CONTINUE READING

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