Dissolution test of herbal medicines containing

  title={Dissolution test of herbal medicines containing},
  author={Andr{\'e} Luiz N. Targino da Costa and Suzana Ferreira Alves and Edemilson Cardoso da Conceiç{\~a}o and Cl{\'e}via Ferreira Duarte Garrote and Jos{\'e} Realino de Paula and Maria Teresa Freitas Bara},
The dissolution test is an essential tool to assess the quality of herbal medicines in the solid dosage form for oral use. This work aimed to evaluate the dissolution behavior of three herbal medicines in the form of capsules and tablet containing Passiflora, produced with powder or dried extract. Assay of total flavonoids and dissolution methods were validated and obtained results allowed the quantification of flavonoids with precision, accuracy and selectivity. The percentage of total… CONTINUE READING