Dissociation of autonomic and cognitive effects of THC in man

  title={Dissociation of autonomic and cognitive effects of THC in man},
  author={John A. Bachman and Neal L. Benowitz and Ronald I. Herning and Reese Jones},
Intravenous THC, 30–44.8 μg/kg, was administered to four subjects. Each received THC on four occasions preceded by either i.v. saline, 0.04 mg/kg atropine sulfate, 0.2 mg/kg propranolol, or both drugs together. Heart rates, subjective intoxication and symptom ratings, time productions, and EEG activity were measured. In the absence of autonomic blocking drugs, THC produced characteristic tachycardia, subjective intoxication, and EEG effects. After combined autonomic blockade, THC had no effect… CONTINUE READING