Dissociation Energies of Sulfur-Centered Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes.

  title={Dissociation Energies of Sulfur-Centered Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes.},
  author={Sanat Ghosh and Surjendu Bhattacharyya and Sanjay Wategaonkar},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={119 44},
In this work we have determined dissociation energies of O-H···S hydrogen bond in the H2S complexes of various phenol derivatives using 2-color-2-photon photofragmentation spectroscopy in combination with zero kinetic energy photoelectron (ZEKE-PE) spectroscopy. This is the first report of direct determination of dissociation energy of O-H···S hydrogen bond. The ZEKE-PE spectra of the complexes revealed a long progression in the intermolecular stretching mode with significant anharmonicity… CONTINUE READING