Dissipative fields in de Sitter and black hole spacetimes: quantum entanglement due to pair production and dissipation

  title={Dissipative fields in de Sitter and black hole spacetimes: quantum entanglement due to pair production and dissipation},
  author={Julian Adamek and Xavier Busch and Renaud Parentani},
  journal={Physical Review D},
For free fields, pair creation in expanding universes is associated with the building up of correlations that lead to nonseparable states, i.e., quantum mechanically entangled ones. For dissipative fields, i.e., fields coupled to an environment, there is a competition between the squeezing of the state and the coupling to the external bath. We compute the final coherence level for dissipative fields that propagate in a two-dimensional de Sitter space, and we characterize the domain in parameter… 

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