Dissipative effects from transport and viscous hydrodynamics

  title={Dissipative effects from transport and viscous hydrodynamics},
  author={D{\'e}nes Moln{\'a}r and Pasi Huovinen},
We compare 2 → 2 covariant transport theory and causal IsraelStewart hydrodynamics in 2+1D longitudinally boost invariant geometry with RHIC-like initial conditions and a conformal ε = 3p equation of state. The pressure evolution in the center of the collision zone and the final differential elliptic flow v2(pT ) from the two theories agree remarkably well for a small shear viscosity to entropy density ratio η/s ≈ 1/(4π), and also for a large cross section σ ≈ 50 mb. A key to this agreement is… CONTINUE READING