Dissipation-induced d-wave pairing of fermionic atoms in an optical lattice.

  title={Dissipation-induced d-wave pairing of fermionic atoms in an optical lattice.},
  author={Sebastian Diehl and Weidong Yi and Andrew J. Daley and Peter Zoller},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 22},
We show how dissipative dynamics can give rise to pairing for two-component fermions on a lattice. In particular, we construct a parent Liouvillian operator so that a BCS-type state of a given symmetry, e.g., a d-wave state, is reached for arbitrary initial states in the absence of conservative forces. The system-bath couplings describe single-particle, number-conserving and quasilocal processes. The pairing mechanism crucially relies on Fermi statistics. We show how such Liouvillians can be… CONTINUE READING