Disseminated Cysticercosis with Huge Muscle Hypertrophy

  title={Disseminated Cysticercosis with Huge Muscle Hypertrophy},
  author={Debabrata Bandyopadhyay Bandyopadhyay and Sumit Sen},
  booktitle={Indian journal of dermatology},
Cysticercosis is caused by cysticercus cellulose, which is the larva of Taenia solium, the pork tapeworm. The larvae are carried in the blood stream after penetrating the walls of the alimentary tract and they lodge in different tissues like the skin, skeletal muscles, brain, fundus and heart, to cause disseminated cysticercosis. Cases of disseminated cysticercosis have rarely been reported in the literature. They may inhabit the muscles and cause muscular hypertrophy, which, at times, may… CONTINUE READING