Dissection of c-MOS degron.

  title={Dissection of c-MOS degron.},
  author={Jun Sheng and Akiko Kumagai and William G. Dunphy and Alexander Varshavsky},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={21 22},
c-MOS, a MAP kinase kinase kinase, is a regulator of oocyte maturation. The concentration of c-MOS is controlled in part through its conditional degradation. Previous studies proposed the "second-codon rule", according to which the N-terminal proline (Pro) of c-MOS is a destabilizing residue that targets c-MOS for degradation. We analyzed the degradation signal (degron) of c-MOS in Xenopus oocytes, found it to be a portable degron, and demonstrated that, contrary to the model above, the N… CONTINUE READING


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