Dissection of Combinatorial Control by the Met4 Transcriptional Complex

  title={Dissection of Combinatorial Control by the Met4 Transcriptional Complex},
  author={Traci A. Lee and Paul Jorgensen and Andrew L. Bognar and Caroline Peyraud and Dominique Thomas and Michael D Tyers},
  booktitle={Molecular biology of the cell},
Met4 is the transcriptional activator of the sulfur metabolic network in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Lacking DNA-binding ability, Met4 must interact with proteins called Met4 cofactors to target promoters for transcription. Two types of DNA-binding cofactors (Cbf1 and Met31/Met32) recruit Met4 to promoters and one cofactor (Met28) stabilizes the DNA-bound Met4 complexes. To dissect this combinatorial system, we systematically deleted each category of cofactor(s) and analyzed Met4-activated… CONTINUE READING
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