Disruption of the behavioral satiety sequence by simmondsin.

  title={Disruption of the behavioral satiety sequence by simmondsin.},
  author={Sylvia Lievens and Isabelle Verbaeys and Gerda Flo and Rudy Briers and Eddy M-P Decuypere and Marnix Cokelaere},
  volume={52 3},
Simmondsin, a cyanoglycoside from jojoba meal, reduces food intake after oral administration. To diagnose if it acts by inducing satiation or by creating abnormal physiological effects, an observational study was undertaken to investigate the effects of simmondsin on feeding and other behaviors. Particular attention was paid to the behavioral sequence associated with satiety (BSS). At first contact, simmondsin non-significantly reduced food intake by 17% and had little effect on feeding and… CONTINUE READING