Disruption of extended defects in solid oxide fuel cell anodes for methane oxidation

  title={Disruption of extended defects in solid oxide fuel cell anodes for methane oxidation},
  author={Juan Carlos Ruiz-Morales and Jes{\'u}s Canales-Vazquez and Cristian Savaniu and David Marrero-L{\'o}pez and Wuzong Zhou and John T S Irvine},
Point defects largely govern the electrochemical properties of oxides: at low defect concentrations, conductivity increases with concentration; however, at higher concentrations, defect–defect interactions start to dominate. Thus, in searching for electrochemically active materials for fuel cell anodes, high defect concentration is generally avoided. Here we describe an oxide anode formed from lanthanum-substituted strontium titanate (La-SrTiO3) in which we control the oxygen stoichiometry in… CONTINUE READING
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