Disruption of autophagy results in constitutive oxidative stress in Arabidopsis.

  title={Disruption of autophagy results in constitutive oxidative stress in Arabidopsis.},
  author={Yan Xiong and Anthony L Contento and Diane C Bassham},
  volume={3 3},
Plant cells frequently encounter oxidative stress, leading to oxidative damage and inactivation of proteins. We have recently demonstrated that oxidative stress induces autophagy in Arabidopsis seedlings in an AtATG18a-dependent manner and that RNAi-AtATG18a transgenic lines, which are defective in autophagosome formation, are hypersensitive to reactive oxygen species. Analysis of protein oxidation indicated that oxidized proteins are degraded in the vacuole after uptake by autophagy, and this… CONTINUE READING

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