Disrupting Technological Privilege

  title={Disrupting Technological Privilege},
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The Silicon Valley ‘tech boom’ has led to large-scale gentrification in San Francisco, and mass evictions of longtime residents in favor of tech workers. From December 2013 to April 2014, a group of protesters called ‘Heart of the City’ staged several blockades of the free buses that ferry tech employees from San Francisco to the corporate campuses of Google, Apple, Yahoo, and other technology firms every weekday. In this paper, I argue that these buses, often collectively called ‘Google buses… 
NIMBYism as a barrier to housing and social mix in San Francisco
It is found that NIMBYism continues to dominate the dialog at public hearings on development proposals, and planning meetings appear to be dominated by older, white, and financially stable residents, and this is a major barrier to the city’s social mix.
Impact of Transit Quality on Anchor-Mediated Knowledge Economies Across Large U.S. Cities
Universities, medical centers, and headquarters are the driving forces behind cities’ innovation productivity and anchor-based urban revitalization efforts, such as innovation districts. As a result,


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Maps have power. They can make the illegible legible and the invisible visible. They can make the obvious even more obvious and the impossible seem possible, as a map published in 2012 did when it
The Radical in Performance: Between Brecht and Baudrillard
The Radical in Performance investigates the crisis in contemporary theatre, and celebrates the subversive in performance. It is the first full-length study to explore the link between a western
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