Dispute Over a Legendary Fish

  title={Dispute Over a Legendary Fish},
  author={Constance Holden},
  pages={22 - 23}
  • C. Holden
  • Published 2 April 1999
  • Medicine, History
  • Science
ZOOLOGYSixty years ago a coelacanth--a species believed to have gone extinct 80 million years ago--turned up off South Africa. No one thought the living fossil survived anywhere else in the world until last year when a biologist found one 10,000 kilometers away, in Indonesia. Now it turns out that the find may be a second coelacanth species. But the report, in the April issue of Comptes Rendus de L'AcadA©mie des Sciences , is controversial because it comes not from the coelacanth's discoverer… Expand

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