Dispossession and Impoverishment in Timor-Leste: Potential Impacts of the Suai Supply Base

  title={Dispossession and Impoverishment in Timor-Leste: Potential Impacts of the Suai Supply Base},
  author={M. Cryan},
Incompatible Struggles? Reclaiming Indigenous Sovereignty and Political Sovereignty in Kanaky and/or New Caledonia
dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au and goals. Using tools from different disciplines (public law, Indigenous rights law and different branches of political science), and drawing on various forms of evidenceExpand
L’ONU au service du processus d’émancipation de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au indépendantistes, cette question prend une dimension particulière et d’autant plus centrale pour les Kanak que l’idée générale est de poursuivre l’œuvre de décolonisationExpand
Trapped: Smallholder Coffee Producers in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au independence in 1975, entrapment has intensified for a substantial proportion of the country’s people. About 400,000 smallholder households, or about 80 per cent, ofExpand
Effective Support for Women's Leadership in the Pacific:Lessons from the Evidence
Exercising effective leadership with legitimacy and influence is a complex endeavour, particularly so for women operating in male-dominated domains, and potentially even more so for women in theExpand
Oil and the Resource Curse
This chapter provides a comprehensive survey of the oil sector, including the detailed boundary negotiations with Australia, the Petroleum Fund established in 2004, the relevance of Dutch DiseaseExpand
Exploring the Kanak Vote on the Eve of New Caledonia's Independence Referendum
dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au all grew and could include Kanaks (Fisher 2016). The New Caledonian government register of persons with customary status — exclusively for Kanak — is also inadequate sinceExpand
Fretilin and CNRT: A Short Comparative Study of the Two Main Political Parties of East Timor
This unique chapter looks at the two most important political parties of the country, Fretilin and CNRT, rarely compared. The present Sixth Constitutional Government is a CNRT government, with itsExpand
Introduction : Political and spiritual visions of the future
This edited volume is based on a symposium that took place at the University of Kent in April 2016, entitled ‘Visions of the Future in Timor-Leste’.1 The aim was to bring together scholars fromExpand


Property and Social Resilience in Times of Conflict: Land, Custom and Law in East Timor
Contents: Preface Property systems after armed conflicts: custom, possession and dispossession The ethnography od Austronesian origin principles The structure of resilience: rule-complexity andExpand
A 2009 Update of Poverty Incidence in Timor-Leste Using the Survey-to-Survey Imputation Method
  • Washington, DC: World Bank.
  • 2012
Land Politics under Timor-Leste's New Government
Chiefly leadership in Fiji: past, present, and future
Abstract: This paper provides an account of the rise and fall of chiefly leadership and the apparent ebbing of a longstanding ideology of traditionalism among indigenous Fijians in the context ofExpand
Empty Land’? The Politics of Land in East Timor
  • L. Kent, S. Ingram and A. McWilliam
  • 2015
Pawa Blong Meri: Women Candidates in the 2015 Bougainville Election
State, Society & Governance in Melanesia ssgm.bellschool.anu.edu.au The 2015 Bougainville election was a milestone for women’s political representation. The largestever cohort of women candidatesExpand