Disposition of pesticides and toxicants in the human reproductive system in cases of acute poisoning.


The aim of this study was to estimate the penetration of some of the pesticides and toxicant substances in the human reproductive system. This knowledge is valuable because of the possible adverse influence of these substances on the human reproduction system and the development of the foetus during pregnancy. The existing data is mainly concerned with the results of experimental studies on animals or epidemiological studies. Here we report data concerning the disposition of several toxic xenobiotics (pesticides and solvents) in the tissues of the human reproductive system as well as in other organs and glands. Data was collected from cases of acute poisonings and derived mostly from autopsy materials. Xenobiotics were found to penetrate sampled tissues such as the testes, ovaries, epididymis, uterus, thyroid gland, as well as other human tissues. Further studies will clarify and confirm peculiarities of the penetration of a wide range of substances in various body tissues and will be the base of the estimation of the role of these toxicants in human reproductive ability and the outcome of pregnancy in humans.

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