Disposable vaginal surface electrode for urethral sphincter electromyography.

  title={Disposable vaginal surface electrode for urethral sphincter electromyography.},
  author={Gunner Lose and J. Thorup Andersen and J\orgen Kvist Kristensen},
  journal={British journal of urology},
  volume={59 5},
During the last 2 years we have developed a disposable vaginal surface electrode for electromyographic (EMG) recording from the urethral striated sphincter. We describe the design of the electrode and report the results of laboratory testing, including directional selectivity of the electrode, electrode impedance, testing for movement artefacts and stability of position. Clinical studies which included 138 cystometries with sphincter EMG, 133 pressure-flow EMG studies and four urethral pressure… CONTINUE READING