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Dispersive microwave bifurcation of a superconducting resonator cavity incorporating a Josephson junction

  title={Dispersive microwave bifurcation of a superconducting resonator cavity incorporating a Josephson junction},
  author={E. Boaknin and V. Manucharyan and S. Fissette and M. Metcalfe and L. Frunzio and R Patil Vijay and I. Siddiqi and A. Wallraff and R. Schoelkopf and M. Physics and Y. University and N. Haven and CT Departement de Physique and U. D. Sherbrooke and C. D. O. Physics and U. S. California and Berkeley and E. Zurich and Switzerland.},
  journal={arXiv: Superconductivity},
  • E. Boaknin, V. Manucharyan, +17 authors Switzerland.
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Superconductivity
  • We have observed the dynamical bistability of a microwave superconducting Fabry-Perot cavity incorporating a non-linear element in the form of Josephson tunnel junction. The effect, which is the analog of optical bistability, manifests itself in the transmission and reflection characteristics of the cavity and is governed by a competition between the wave amplitude dependence of the resonant frequency and the finite residence time of the field energy inside the cavity. This finite residence… CONTINUE READING
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