Dispersal-vicariance Analyses of Intercontinental Disjuncts : Historical Biogeographical Implications for Angiosperms in the Northern Hemisphere

  title={Dispersal-vicariance Analyses of Intercontinental Disjuncts : Historical Biogeographical Implications for Angiosperms in the Northern Hemisphere},
  author={Qiu-Yun and Jenny Xiang and Douglas Edward Soltis},
Ten North Temperate taxa representing diverse angiosperm lineages were analyzed for biogeographic histories using the dispersal-vicariance analysis method to gain insights into the origin and evolution of disjunct distributions in the Northern Hemisphere. Results indicate four general biogeographic patterns: (1) origin and speciation in eastern Asia with subsequent expansion into North America and/or Europe (e.g., Aralia sect. Aralia, Symplocarpus, and possibly Asarum, Aesculus, and… CONTINUE READING
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