Dispatches from the Depletion Zone: Edward Burtynsky and the Documentary Sublime

  title={Dispatches from the Depletion Zone: Edward Burtynsky and the Documentary Sublime},
  author={Soenke Zehle},
  journal={Media International Australia},
  pages={109 - 115}
  • S. Zehle
  • Published 1 May 2008
  • Sociology
  • Media International Australia
The scope of China's contemporary transformation is measured by many observers according to the environmental crisis it has engendered. One of the most ambitious attempts to document this transformation has been the recent work by Edward Burtynsky. The China series is the latest contribution to the Canadian photographer's grand tour of industrial landscapes. Burtynsky employs the same approach and rules of composition across terrains and topics, and there is indeed nothing radically new in… Expand
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The Toxic Sublime: Landscape Photography and Data Visualization
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