Disorders of high‐density lipoprotein biogenesis

  title={Disorders of high‐density lipoprotein biogenesis},
  author={Larbi Krimbou and Isabelle L Ruel and Zari Dastani and Khalid Alrasadi and Houssein Hajj Hassan and Iulia Iatan and Michel Marcil and Jacques Genest},
The characterization of the atheroprotective role of high‐density lipoproteins (HDL) made in the past two decades has rekindled interest in modulating HDL for therapeutic purposes. Rare deficiencies of HDL have allowed the identification of specific proteins acting as structural moieties, enzymes, lipid transfer proteins, cellular lipid transporters, and ligands for cellular receptors; these, in turn, represent potential drug targets. The study of several of these HDL deficiency states has… CONTINUE READING


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