Disordered expression of HOX genes in human non-small cell lung cancer.

  title={Disordered expression of HOX genes in human non-small cell lung cancer.},
  author={Motoki Abe and Jun-ichi Hamada and Osamu Takahashi and Yoko Takahashi and Mitsuhiro Tada and Masaki Miyamoto and Toshiaki Morikawa and Satoshi Kondo and Tetsuya Moriuchi},
  journal={Oncology reports},
  volume={15 4},
We hypothesized that the disordered tissue architecture in cancer results from the cells executing the program designed during ontogeny in a spatio-temporally inappropriate manner. HOX genes are known as master regulators of embryonic morphogenesis, and encode transcription factors which regulate the transcription of the downstream genes to realize the program of body plan. In this study, we quantified the expression levels of 39 HOX genes in 41 human non-small cell lung cancer (non-SCLC) and… CONTINUE READING
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