[Disordered blood supply of the brain in bradyarrhythmia patients].


Results are reported of a study of the blood flow in patients (age: 18-70) with different grades of bradyarrhythmia due to atrioventricular block with weakness of the sinus node. Examined were: CBF rheoencephalographically, ultrasound dopplerography, products of lipid peroxidation in the blood. Bradyarrhythmia was found to occupy a major place in the pathogenesis of cerebrovascular disorders. Adequate therapy allows to achieve good rehabilitation of this category of patients.

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@article{Nazarenko1992DisorderedBS, title={[Disordered blood supply of the brain in bradyarrhythmia patients].}, author={V . G . Nazarenko and Iu T Mogilevskiĭ and S. Selezneva and I A Isachkina}, journal={Likars'ka sprava}, year={1992}, volume={9}, pages={49-51} }