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Disorder-induced dynamical Griffiths singularities after certain quantum quenches

  title={Disorder-induced dynamical Griffiths singularities after certain quantum quenches},
  author={Jos{\'e} A. Hoyos and Ramon F. Costa and Jo{\~a}o C. Xavier},
The properties of matter in thermal equilibrium can be largely affected by atypical and rare spatial disorder configurations due to inhomogeneities. They induce Yang-Lee-Fisher zeros in the partition function which are arbitrarily close to the real-temperature (or field) axis. In simpler words, the partition function becomes a non-analytical function: a phenomenon known as Griffiths singularities. We demonstrate that those same rare regions produce a dynamical analogue of this phenomenon on… 



Observation of dynamical vortices after quenches in a system with topology

Topological phases constitute an exotic form of matter characterized by non-local properties rather than local order parameters1. The paradigmatic Haldane model on a hexagonal lattice features such

Dynamical quantum phase transitions in the random field Ising model

Over the last few years it was pointed out that certain observables of time-evolving quantum systems may have singularities at certain moments in time, mimicking the singularities physical systems

TOPICAL REVIEW: Rare region effects at classical, quantum and nonequilibrium phase transitions

Rare regions, i.e., rare large spatial disorder fluctuations, can dramatically change the properties of a phase transition in a quenched disordered system. In generic classical equilibrium systems,

Disorder-induced rounding of certain quantum phase transitions.

  • T. Vojta
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 2003
The influence of quenched disorder on quantum phase transitions in systems with overdamped dynamics is studied and the behavior based on Lifshitz-tail arguments is discussed and illustrated by simulations of a model system.

Griffiths effects and slow dynamics in nearly many-body localized systems

The low-frequency response of systems near a many-body localization transition can be dominated by rare regions that are locally critical or “in the other phase.” It is known that in one dimension,

Experimental Determination of Dynamical Lee-Yang Zeros.

The dynamical Lee-Yang zeros of a stochastic process involving Andreev tunneling between a normal-state island and two superconducting leads are extracted from measurements of the dynamical activity along a trajectory and the large-deviation statistics of the activity are predicted.

Strong disorder RG approach – a short review of recent developments

Abstract The strong disorder RG approach for random systems has been extended in many new directions since our previous review of 2005 [F. Igloi, C. Monthus, Phys. Rep. 412, 277 (2005)]. The aim of

Influence of weak disorder on the dynamical quantum phase transitions in the anisotropic XY chain

We study the effects of disorder on the dynamical quantum phase transitions (DQPTs) in the transverse-field anisotropic XY chain by numerically calculating the Loschmidt echo after quench. By

Disordered Kitaev chain with long-range pairing: Loschmidt echo revivals and dynamical phase transitions

We explore the dynamics of long-range Kitaev chain by varying pairing interaction exponent. It is well known that the distinctive features of the nonequilibrium dynamics of a closed quantum system