Disomic and Tetrasomic Inheritance in a Solanum Hybrid

  title={Disomic and Tetrasomic Inheritance in a Solanum Hybrid},
  author={M. S. Swaminathan},
IN the course of a cytogenetic study of the nature of differentiation of diploid species (2n = 24) of the section Tuberarium, genus Solanum, the mode of inheritance of three loci could be followed in a cross between S. macolae and S. simplicifolium, two species of the series Tuberosa occurring in Bolivia and Argentina. The simplicifolium parent used in the cross had simple leaves, a prominently winged stem and white corolla, in contrast to the compound leaves, rudimentary stem wing and purple… 

Cytogenetical and related studies in the genus Phleum L.

Several anomalous cytological behaviors such as heavy walled coenocytes, neocentric chromosomes, uncoiled chromosomes, "cross-bridges" at second division, "globular" bodies, and B-chromosomes have been reported in timothy.

Shaping science as the prime mover of sustainable agriculture for food and nutrition security in an era of environmental degradation and climate change

With the lessons learnt, Swaminathan developed a systems approach-based evergreen revolution to achieve productivity in perpetuity without accompanying environmental and social harm.