Dislocations at ductile/plastic crack tips: in-situ TEM observations

  title={Dislocations at ductile/plastic crack tips: in-situ TEM observations},
  author={Kasichainula Jagannadham and H. G. F. Wilsdorf and Johannes Weertman},
  journal={Material Research Innovations},
Abstract In-situ observations of dislocation structures ahead of crack tips in TEM metal foils are reviewed. Two cases are compared in particular: Structure development during in-situ straining to failure of (i) electron-transparent foils ahead of the tip of a growing crack that spreads from the thinnest regions or perforations and (ii) initially non-transparent thick foils. In the latter case cracks formed only after substantial in-situ straining, and they propagated along dislocation cell… CONTINUE READING