Dislocation injection in strontium titanate by femtosecond laser pulses

  title={Dislocation injection in strontium titanate by femtosecond laser pulses},
  author={Michael S. Titus and M. P. Echlin and Peter Gumbsch and Tresa M. Pollock},
Articles you may be interested in Electron backscatter diffraction on femtosecond laser sulfur hyperdoped silicon Appl. Comparison of heat-affected zones due to nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulses using transmission electronic microscopy Appl. Femtosecond laser ablation is used in applications which require low damage surface treatments, such as serial sectioning, spectroscopy, and micromachining. However, dislocations are generated by femtosecond laser-induced shockwaves and consequently… CONTINUE READING


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