DiskAccel: Accelerating Disk-Based Experiments by Representative Sampling


Disk traces are typically used to analyze real-life workloads and for replay-based evaluations. This approach benefits from capturing important details such as varying behavior patterns, bursty activity, and diurnal patterns of system activity, which are often missing from the behavior of workload synthesis tools. However, accurate capture of such details requires recording traces containing long durations of system activity, which are difficult to use for replay-based evaluation. One way of solving the problem of long storage trace duration is the use of disk simulators. While publicly available disk simulators can greatly accelerate experiments, they have not kept up with technological innovations in the field. The variety, complexity, and opaque nature of storage hardware make it very difficult to implement accurate simulators. The alternative, replaying the whole traces on real hardware, suffers from either long run-time or required manual reduction of experimental time, potentially at the cost of reduced accuracy. On the other hand, burstiness, auto-correlation, and complex spatio-temporal properties of storage workloads make the known methods of sampling workload traces less effective. In this paper, we present a methodology called DiskAccel to efficiently select key intervals of a trace as representatives and to replay them to estimate the response time of the whole workload. Our methodology extracts a variety of spatial and temporal features from each interval and uses efficient data mining techniques to select the representative intervals. To verify the proposed methodology, we have implemented a tool capable of running whole traces or selective intervals on real hardware, warming up hardware state in an accelerated manner, and emulating request causality while minimizing request inter-arrival time error. Based on our experiments, DiskAccel manages to speed up disk replay by more than two orders of magnitude, while keeping average estimation error at 7.6%.

DOI: 10.1145/2745844.2745856

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