Disk scheduling in a multimedia I/O system

  title={Disk scheduling in a multimedia I/O system},
  author={A. L. Narasimha Reddy and Jim Wyllie},
Integrating deadline-modification SCAN algorithm to Xen-based cloud platform
The result of the simulations show DDM-SCAN improve the I/O response time of Xen-based cloud platform 20% comparing to Flubber mechanism and it also guarantee same or better quality of service (QoS) as compared with Flubbers mechanism in Xen- based hypervisor.
Modular software architecture for flexible reservation mechanisms on heterogeneous resources
An analysis of buffer sharing and prefetching techniques for multimedia systems
This paper analyzes a scheme that allows multiple streams to share buffers and develops three prefetching strategies: SP, IP1 and IP2, which could be valuable in maximizing the effective use of buffers and disk.
A Complete Bibliography of ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications
An apparatus is provided for loading a head onto a spinning disk and unloading the head from the spinning disk so that contact between the head and the disk is essentially prevented. The apparatus
Large Scale Multimedia Server Proc. Inet'94/jenc5 Design of a Large Scale Multimedia Storage Server I Introduction
This paper presents a system architecture; one that is scalable in terms of the number of supported users and the throughput, and uses separation of metadata from real data to achieve a direct connection of the media streams between the storage devices and the network.
Providing Quality of Service Support in Object-Based File System
  • Joel C. Wu, S. Brandt
  • Computer Science
    24th IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST 2007)
  • 2007
The Bourbon framework is presented by first describing Q-EBOFS, and then examines how a collection of OSDs running Q- EBOFS can work together to provide global-level QoS.
Real-Time Parallel IO Stream Scheduling
A novel algorithm RT-OPT for optimally prefetching blocks into the server buffer is presented and it is shown that if the schedule created by RT- OPT fails to meet the deadline of any block, then no feasible schedule is possible for the same buffer size, data placement and single-disk scheduling policy.
Thwarting Virtual Bottlenecks in Multi-Bitrate Streaming Servers
Stream combination, an IO scheduling technique that predicts the formation of virtual bottlenecks and proactively alters the IO schedule to avoid them, is presented.
Analysis of caching performance in multimedia servers
This paper presents a validated analytical model for interval caching and then uses the model to investigate the impacts of various system and workload parameters.
Buffer-Sharing Techniques in Service-Guaranteed Video Servers
A model called a buffer-sharing autonomy, which combines batching and bridging techniques to provide guaranteed services to VOD systems is described, which shows that the proposedbuffer-sharing techniques promise the provision of guaranteed video services at low cost.