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Disk-Halo interface: The "foot point" of the Galactic Molecular Loops

  title={Disk-Halo interface: The "foot point" of the Galactic Molecular Loops},
  author={Denise Riquelme and M. A. Amo-Baladr{\'o}n and Jes{\'u}s Mart{\'i}n-Pintado and Rainer Mauersberger and Leonardo Bronfman and S. Mart{\'i}n},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics of Galaxies},
We study the disk-halo interaction, in the context of orbits and Giant Molecular loops (GMLs) in the Galactic center (GC) region. We present a large scale survey in the central kpc in SiO(J=2-1), HCO$^+$(J=1-0) and H$^{13}$CO$^+$ (J=1-0), observations in 3mm lines toward a region in two clumps M+5.3-0.3 and M-3.8+0.9 placed in the foot point of two molecular loops, and observations toward selected positions, to trace accretion of the gas from the halo 
Disk-Halo interaction: The molecular clouds in the Galactic center region
From a large-scale study of the Galactic center (GC) region in SiO(2 – 1), HCO+(1 – 0), and H13CO+(1 – 0), we identify shock regions as traced by the enhancement of SiO emission. We selected 9
High Excitation Molecular Gas in the Galactic Center Loops; 12CO(J =2-1 and J =3-2) Observations
We have carried out 12CO(J =2-1) and 12CO(J =3-2) observations at spatial resolutions of 1.0-3.8 pc toward the entirety of loops 1 and 2 and part of loop 3 in the Galactic center with NANTEN2 and