Disintegration of Yeast Cells by Pressurized Carbon Dioxide

  title={Disintegration of Yeast Cells by Pressurized Carbon Dioxide},
  author={Ho Mu Lin and Err-Cheng Chan and Cheeshan S. Chen and Li Fu Chen},
Disruption of yeast cells with high-pressure carbon dioxide at both subcritical and supercritical temperatures (25, 35, and 55 °C) was investigated. The experimental results revealed that yeast cells can be ruptured to a maximal level by carbon dioxide within 5 h at 5000 psi and 15 h at 1000 psi at any of the temperatures studied. In the presence of β-glucuronidase, the length of time for maximal cell rupture was reduced to 90 min at 5000 psi. Off-flavors of the ruptured yeast cells were… CONTINUE READING

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  • Brazilian journal of microbiology : [publication of the Brazilian Society for Microbiology]
  • 2016

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